Born and raised in the high desert of New Mexico, Kathy moved to the Bay Area to attend college. She majored in Economics, a practical choice for a business career, and nurtured her interest in the mind-body connection on the side, exploring various forms of dance and meditation. After twenty years and a successful career as an escrow officer, Kathy realized she was not getting enough satisfaction from her work to counterbalance the stress it created.

Then she discovered Rolfing Structural Integration® (SI) while attending massage school. In 1999 Kathy spent five months in Brazil completing the basic Rolfing SI and Rolf Movement® certification program and started a full-time practice in 2000. Yoga teacher training at White Lotus Institute came shortly after that in 2001, and she completed a two year Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy program at the Pacific School of Biodynamic Integration in 2008.



Changing career paths and entering the healing arts, she has found her true calling. “I approach clients holistically based on the osteopathic principle of ‘enhance the health,’” says Kathy. “I find what’s working and help to make it better.”


“I get satisfaction helping with pain relief,” says Kathy, “but the deeper, more subtle effects on personality and perception that I see take place on a daily basis are even more gratifying because they lead to lasting change in the way people connect to their inner strengths.”

“Returning your body to its natural state of health, has a profound impact on your entire being – physical, emotional, and energetic,” observes Kathy.

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