Integrative Movement

Rolf Movement® Integration

Re-wiring the brain


Rolf Movement® Integration is a separate modality that is an ideal complement to the Ten Series. The purpose of Rolf Movement is to identify movement patterns (habits) that reinforce asymmetry, strain and stress. Rolf Movement helps you gain an awareness of your body in motion and recognize how subtle changes can strengthen structural support and ease overtaxed muscles.

Rolf Movement helps you explore and integrate the functional aspect of structural change. I usually blend some movement work into regular sessions. Rolf Movement can also be done as a session unto itself, or a series of sessions, alone or in conjunction with the structural work. The two combined enhance each other.



Fluid Movement for Chronic Pain

If the gym seems unbearable and simply walking is hard to imagine, try some gentle movement to ease tension and reduce pain. This weekly class is for people who have chronic pain and know they should be moving more but don’t know where to start. This is a safe, easy, fun, effective and inexpensive way to kick-start your body’s natural healing process.

Rest assured, this is not dancing, yoga, stretching, physical therapy, marshal arts or working out. These unique classes blend aspects of many different forms. Inspired by Rolf Movement® Integration, Continuum Movement, clinical hypnotherapy, sound therapy (music designed to synchronize brain waves), special breathing techniques, and my work with people in pain, I’ve created a gentle way to nurture health.

The body’s instinctual response to pain is contraction. If you break your arm, it needs to be held in place until the bone knits back together. With chronic pain, however, gentle movement can ease the tension of contracted muscles. The muscle response to pain is contraction and then the contraction in turn causes more pain, creating a pain loop. Fluid movement can help transform contraction into expansion. Movement delivers fluids and nutrition necessary for repair and regeneration of tissue.

Get the sensation of more space inside your body. Learn how to sense and pay attention to the health in your body as opposed to focusing on the disease. Engage your senses in a playful and peaceful way that induces a sense of tranquility and eases chronic pain.