Rolfing FAQs




Is Rolfing SI right for me?

If you think your body should feel better and move more easily, then Rolfing SI is right for you. Rolfing SI can help resolve pain and discomfort from many different causes, including poor posture, injuries, repetitive strain, and aging.  In addition to pain relief, your newfound balance and flexibility will enhance all your physical activities.

Does Rolfing SI hurt?
When Rolfing first became popular in the ‘60s, it earned the reputation of being extremely painful, and in truth it was. Since then, practitioners have developed gentler techniques that accomplish the same results. That being said, it can get uncomfortable, especially when addressing rigid and long-held patterns. I will always work with you to maintain a state of relaxation with the discomfort so that change can occur. Nothing is done that you (and your body) aren’t ready for.

How is Rolfing SI different from other modalities?
Rolfing SI is a whole body process, not simply a series of deep tissue techniques.  Rolfing SI systematically reshapes the entire global connective tissue network (known as fascia), as opposed to treating a localized area of pain. Since your body’s balance is not static, Rolfers pay attention to your “integration in gravity” – a felt sense difficult to describe in words. Ida Rolf used to say,

What happens in a Rolfing SI session? [possible to have a photo illustration?
Manual pressure is applied to areas where fascia (the complex web of tissue that connects your bones, muscles, joints and organs to one another) is restricted. The focus is on balancing and optimizing both the structure (shape) and function (movement) of your body. You may be asked to participate in the process by focusing your attention on a particular area or by making slow and precise movements as needed.

What is the Ten Series?
The standard Rolfing SI “recipe” is known as the Ten Series, and consists of 10 -15 sessions.  Each session focuses on a specific region of the body, going from superficial to deep, and from the lower structures moving up. This systematic approach is unique to Rolfing, and facilitates long lasting change.

Do I have to do the whole series?
It depends on what your goals are. If you want to change unconscious body habits that cause pain and sap energy, the complete series works best. If you are already very comfortable and physically fit, a complete series gives you an edge over your peers.

The first three sessions focus on the superficial layers and may be done as a complete introductory series. Of course, you are welcome to come in for a trial session to see if Rolfing is right for you. For people with a specific myofascial or repetitive strain issue, sometimes a single session is appropriate as well.